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TFO's licence renewed for seven years

Publié le 31 août 2015
VOTE OF CONFIDENCE FROM THE CRTC AND THE FRANCOPHONE COMMUNITY TFO’S LICENSE RENEWED FOR SEVEN YEARS Toronto, August 31st, 2015 – Groupe Média TFO has the pleasure of announcing that the CRTC has just renewed the broadcast license of its television channel, TFO, for the next seven years. Groupe Média TFO, an innovation company, is a premium destination for children and audiences seeking educational content in French. Its contents are distributed on various platforms, including the TFO channel, where most of the programming is aimed at children and youth. “Groupe Média TFO plays a determining role in Ontario’s French-language educational and cultural sector, and we hope to continue to shine as a public educational media company. We will continue to be leaders in innovation and creativity in Ontario and in the rest of Canada,” indicated Glenn O’Farrell, President and CEO, Groupe Média TFO. In addition to the license-renewal application for its television channel, Groupe Média TFO also asked the CRTC to grant it “must-offer status” by distribution companies (cable and satellite) outside of Ontario. The Commission is expected to announce its decision soon on this application intended to improve services offered to Francophones and francophiles throughout Canada, particularly in a linguistic minority setting. “We take very seriously our role as a media institution essential to the development of Francophone and francophile communities. TFO brings a unique contribution to the Canadian broadcasting system, through its cultural and educational programming that reflects Francophone communities, here and elsewhere,” added Carole Beaulieu, Chair of Groupe Média TFO’s Board of directors. TFO’s unique role and contribution were recognized and commended in warm words sent in by members of the Francophone and Anglophone communities. More than 700 testimonies were forwarded to the CRTC in support of TFO’s applications, including more than 50 from Francophone institutions from across Canada.   About Groupe Média TFO Groupe Média TFO is a premium destination for audiences seeking innovative educational and cultural content in French. It provides stimulating experiences and award-winning content that has been recognized from Austin to Amsterdam.


For information Touria Karim Chief of Communications Groupe Média TFO 416 968-8225