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Groupe Média TFO taps start-up Vubble for fresh content

Publié le 24 février 2017 par Cartt

TORONTO - Groupe Média TFO is teaming up with tech start-up Vubble to help source online French-language educational videos for its educational platform Idéllo.

Idéllo is a dynamic multilevel digital platform with over 9,000 edutainment resources. Created by Groupe Média TFO, it caters and adapts to a range of learning styles, and offers teachers, early childhood educators, students and parents an array of resources and features.

Vubble uses algorithms as well as human curators to scour the web for high-quality short web videos from Canada and around the world.

"Through powerful creativity, Vubble has developed a smart, human and accountable solution to curate content”, said Groupe Média TFO president and CEO Glenn O'Farrell, in the news release. “Tessa Sproule and her team developed a creative solution that will allow Idéllo to add an ever increasing diversity of digital learning resources to an already very rich library. This is the kind of public media/start-up collaboration that enables and strengthens both partners.”

"This is a critical agreement for our start-up company, and, we believe, a first of its kind in North America”, added Vubble CEO Tessa Sproule. “This agreement with Groupe Média TFO is an important validation of the philosophy, vision and design of our operational model as a company focused on Web content discoverability strategies. Idéllo will become an even more essential destination for learner audiences in Ontario, Canada, and the world."