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“Vous l’savez astheure”, a project to educate Canadian youth about First Nations history.

Published on 12 January 2022 by Groupe Média TFO

Toronto, December 17, 2021 - In a time of collective awakening about history and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, the Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario (CSPGNO) and Groupe Média TFO (TFO) are committed to opening dialogue and fostering reflection among Canadian youth with “Vous l’savez astheure” ― a series of educational videos that celebrate First Nations history and culture.

This initiativeconsists of 30 clips produced and directed by the CSPGNO’s cultural mediator for Indigenous education, Stéphane Paquette, all published on TFO’s IDÉLLO platform. Designed to supportteachers, educators, students and parents at school and at home, these French-language videos are an addition to the resources currently available on IDÉLLO.

Education at the heart of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples
These videos are more relevant than ever: they offer everyone the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the history and heritage of First Nations, Inuit and Métis and thus contribute to maintaining respectful relations with these communities.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Stéphane Paquette drew on his personal experience and great talent, and was able to interest students, staff and the entire school community in the cultural richness of Aboriginal peoples. Using a highly creative approach, he strives to recall and celebrate the fundamental place of Indigenous peoples in our Canadian society and their many contributions to its development. We are pleased that this partnership with Groupe Média TFO will allow us to expand the reach of this edutainment content through the IDÉLLO platform.” - Carole Dubé, Director of Communications, Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario.

A rich and varied educational approach to deconstruct prejudices about Indigenous people
Skilfully researched and illustrated with a touch of humour, these 30 informative clips encourage students’ critical thinking and allow them to question generally widespread and often erroneous knowledge, ideas and socio-cultural perspectives. Find videos aimed at identifying stereotypes and breaking down prejudices on IDÉLLO:

Prejudices and stereotypes

National Aboriginal Languages Day

Orange Shirt Day

Developing and supporting global citizenship and sustainability skills in students
With its strong educational mandate, TFO is once again confirming its focus on the learning of fundamental skills, such as global citizenship and sustainability, to educate tolerant, informed, and responsible citizens.

The current situation encourages us to continuously develop innovative approaches to digital learning. It is important to provide kids with resources that are interactive, educational and cultural so that students are engaged in these topics. We are proud to add the ‘Vous l’savez astheure’ videos to our existing resources on IDELLO to help teachers, educators and parents in the transmission of knowledge about Indigenous culture and its rich heritage. We are committed to initiatives that help train young people to become agents of change, a key principle of global citizenship education.” - Julie Caron, Vice President, Educational Continuum, Groupe Média TFO.

These educational resources aim to inspire the youth of today and tomorrow to make commitments and reflect on the work that needs to be done for a more just, equal and inclusive future. By educating them at an early age about reconciliation, we are educating them about citizenship values and respect for Indigenous perspectives and their many contributions to our society.

This series of 30 videos is a call to take concrete action to learn, share and build a better country and world together.


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About Stef Paquette

Stéphane Paquette wears many hats: singer, songwriter, radio host, comedian, actor and cultural mediator in Indigenous education for the Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l'Ontario (CSPGNO). The Franco-Ontarian multidisciplinary artist takes the time to listen, to write and above all to share. Alone with his musical instruments or along with his band, Stéphane has been crisscrossing Canada for years, playing countless festivals, concerts, major events and school workshops. Recognized for his ability to rally fans and for his energetic personality, he is the person who has the most positive influence on the community of Northern Ontario and spends his days creating entertaining videos for the school board.

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