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TFO Is Coming to Louisiana!

Published on 21 April 2016

 First International Agreement: Groupe Média TFO’s Educational Content to Be Distributed by Louisiana Public Broadcasting

 Toronto, April 21, 2016 – Groupe Média TFO has signed its first agreement, in Baton Rouge, to kick off its international venture. At a press conference earlier today at the Louisiana State Capitol, Groupe Média TFO announced the signing of its first partnership agreement with Louisiana Public Broadcasting, a Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS) member station, to distribute its productions and content in the state. This initiative is truly a turning point for the visibility of Ontario’s Francophonie. "Louisiana Public Broadcasting will be offering the French-language educational content we produce in our Toronto studios, along with content created by our production partners," said Glenn O’Farrell, Groupe Média TFO President and CEO. "As a Canadian public media organization that makes educational content in a minority Francophone environment, we are honoured to see our content distributed in the United States. Groupe Média TFO is a unique, ever-evolving digital media company, and this distribution agreement is a testament to the vitality and creative force of our vision." April 21, 2016, will bring Louisiana Francophones aged two to eight a wealth of relevant educational content. The distribution agreement with Louisiana Public Broadcasting covers a period of 18 months, with 14 hours of weekly content. [video width="640" height="360" mp4="" poster="" loop="true" autoplay="true"][/video] “Our government is proud of Groupe Média TFO’s leadership in French-language educational content”, said Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario. “I am delighted that TFO’s partnership with Louisiana Public Broadcasting will give Francophone children in Louisiana access to this wonderful content and help build up the state’s Francophone community.” TFO’s Children and Youth programming has received extensive recognition for its high-quality content, focused on child development. Recent accolades include 11 nominations for the Youth Media Alliance Awards and, in the context of the Best Mobile App Awards, the Best App for Children Silver Award for its Chansons traditionnelles application. Louisiana’s young Francophones will now share with young Canadians the privilege of watching quality educational content, tailored to Louisiana Public Broadcasting and its viewers. "Being able to enjoy educational programming in French on the small screen right here at home is nothing short of historic," said Charles Larroque, CODOFIL Executive Director. Today, we are writing a new chapter in the revitalization of French in Louisiana––this time among our youngest stakeholders." Young audiences in Louisiana can now discover and revel in popular children’s shows. Little ones are sure to love Mini TFO, TFO’s in-house production, which will represent half of the programming grid. Motel Monstre (Slalom), Boum C’est Canon (Trio Orange), Devine Qui Vient Jouer (Productions Point de Mire) and Sam Chicotte (Productions Point de Mire) will also be added to the mix. This new partnership with LPB is in perfect alignment with Groupe Média TFO’s vision to bring high-quality educational content to Francophone communities in Ontario, in Canada, and beyond. "With this new stage in our development, Groupe Média TFO reaches new heights by opening up fresh opportunities and contributing to strengthening the French fact in North America," concluded O’Farrell. “Over the past several years, TFO has been recognized for its vision of education beyond traditional models by exploring the avenues of the digital world to better serve audiences from Ontario and abroad.  I applaud TFO’s efforts to bring people together by encouraging Francophones in Louisiana to discover Ontario and to listen, discuss, debate, share, and continue to wonder in French”, said Madeleine Meilleur, Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs, Ontario. Download our presentation kit


About Groupe Média TFO Groupe Média TFO is a premium destination for audiences seeking educational and cultural content in French. It offers stimulating experiences and award-winning content, always in the forefront of digital learning. TFO serves 2 million students and 30 000 teachers across Ontario and Canada. It operates the number one French-language Youtube Channel in Canada. TFO has received awards and accolades from Austin to Amsterdam (Kidscreen Awards, Gémeaux, Caissies, IBC Awards, SXSW Film Design Awards and more). Information and media requests: Susan Reisler Media Profile O: 416-342-1843 C: 416-274-4636 Carole Nkoa Groupe Média TFO C: (416) 606-5113