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Published on 17 February 2016
THE LES TABLETTISTES CONFERENCE EXPLORES LEARNING CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY TORONTO, February 17, 2016 – With a market totaling 320 billion dollars in 2020 in gamification and e-learning, will we still need teachers inside classrooms in the coming years? Can we still call them classrooms, or rather online learning platforms? Participate in the bilingual Les Tablettistes conference, organized by Groupe Média TFO, which will be held on February 17, 2016 at Glendon College. In the next 10 years, e-learning will be the fastest-growing field, with nearly 30% of shares in the education market. Considering those meaningful numbers, we must think on how to prepare students for a highly digital world. (1) "In the face of crushing trends forcing a digitalization of education through the growth of e-learning, the Les Tablettistes conference is a chance for industry leaders to meet and develop cross-industry collaboration as well as build relevant digital solutions. TFO is constantly seeking ways to adapt and stay ahead of the curve in supporting the educational market, by creating educational content adapted to students and teachers," said Groupe Média TFO’s president and CEO, Glenn O’Farrell. This year, Les Tablettistes is focused on the future. In a world swayed by new technologies and increased consumption of online content, content producers and broadcasters, futurologists and educators must come together to discuss and debate on the challenges of learning in the 21st century. The ex-Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Paul Martin, will present the keynote address on the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative, focused on his education work for Aboriginal youths. The conferences include:
  • YouTubers: The recipe for classroom engagement?– Individuals around the world are harnessing digital technology to create and share their own content. What is it that makes these videos so captivating? How can we capitalize on this type of creativity to increase engagement in young learners?
  • Hacking Into You– As technology, humanity and the cloud become ever-more-connected, what does it mean for the classroom? What does it mean to 'learn' when Wikipedia is instantly accessible from everywhere, and when memory and retention can be artificially improved?
  • Gaming the System: The Mental Motivator– Gamification of the classroom is an existing trend – but it is now maturing and expanding across industries, changing the way we experience and engage with daily life. How can gamified strategies and innovative platforms increase, and instill, a long-lasting motivation to learn?
Speakers will include renowned digital thinker Bruno Guglielminetti, of Quebec, YouTube personality Cynthia Dulude, Researcher in Cyberpsychology Stéphane Bouchard, and youth advocate Erik Martin. About Groupe Média TFO Groupe Média TFO is a premium destination for audiences seeking educational and cultural content in French. It offers stimulating experiences and award-winning content, always at the forefront of digital learning. TFO serves 2 million students and 30 000 teachers across Ontario and Canada. It operates the number one French-language YouTube Channel in Canada. TFO has received awards and accolades from Austin and Amsterdam (Kidscreen Awards, Gémeaux, Cassies, IBC Awards, SXSW Film Design Awards and more). (1)     La gamification et l’e-learning : un marché à 319 milliards de dollars en 2019 (2)     En 2020, le e-learning pourrait peser 30 % du marché de l'éducation


Information and interviews: Touria Karim C : 416.453.4388