Sébastien Pierroz becomes Producer of Francophone Community Content - ONFR+, will orchestrate TFO’s Franco-Ontarian news, culture and society franchise

Published on 05 May 2021 by TFO Communications
Toronto, April 20, 2021 - Groupe Média TFO is proud to announce the appointment of Sébastien Pierroz as Producer of Francophone Community Content, ONFR+. Having joined the TFO team in Ottawa at the inception of #ONfr in 2015, Sébastien is one of the pioneers of the franchise, whose future activities he will now lead with a vision of continuity, sustainability and openness to new audiences and content.

Sebastien has made his mark in the community and in the media since his arrival at TFO and as a journalist-producer assigned to politics and Francophone Affairs since 2016. His vast knowledge of Ontarian and Canadian political issues and his dedication to the cause of the Francophonie are great strengths to support ONFR+ operations and further reinforce its positioning. I am confident that through this appointment and Sebastien’s unwavering commitment, ONFR+ will be able to reach new heights.” - Claude Sauvé, Senior Content Director

With a vision focused on the development and sustainability of ONFR+, Sébastien Pierroz and the ONFR+ team, based in Toronto, Ottawa and Sudbury, will produce new content to reflect and represent the faces of the Franco-Ontarian community, through creations focused on ethnocultural diversity and the coverage of political news throughout French Ontario.

I would like to thank TFO’s management for the confidence they have placed in me with this appointment. It means a lot to me. I am eager to lay the groundwork for an evolutionary vision that will continue to expand our footprint and contribute to the vibrancy of the Ontarian Francophonie. ONFR+ holds the course of the Francophonie, with all its diversity and plurality. We will work alongside the extremely creative and talented team that makes up ONFR+ to open up our content especially to young adults, universities and newcomers, all with the goal of sharing our Franco-Ontarian social and cultural heritage. Our informative mandate continues, of course, with coverage of French-language news across Ontario to inform our audiences on the issues that affect them.” - Sébastien Pierroz, Producer of Francophone Community Content for ONFR+

The multi-talented ONFR+ team includes :

  • Producer: Sébastien Pierroz (Ottawa)
  • Journalists: Rudy Chabannes (Queen’s Park/Toronto), Philippe Murat (Official Languages/Ottawa) and Pascal Vachon (Sudbury/North)
  • Directors: Éric Bachand (North/Sudbury), Andréanne Baribeau (Toronto), Jean-Philippe Bélanger (Ottawa), Joanne Belluco (Culture/Toronto) and Camille Martel (Ottawa)
  • Research: Aimé Majeau Beauchamp and Jacques-Normand Sauvé
  • Production Assistant: Antoine Pétin
  • Community Manager: Amanda Soha

In his new position, Sébastien Pierroz continues to strengthen the ONFR+ team to better serve our community. He is currently in search of a head writer.

With a passion for its mission to inform and promote our Francophone communities, the ONFR+ team is committed to its central priority of promoting the French fact by showcasing the vitality of the Franco-Ontarian community.

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