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TFO Strenghtens voice of franco-ontarian community with ONFR+

Published on 06 March 2019 by TFO

Toronto, March 5, 2019. Groupe Media TFO launches today ONFR+, the online destination dedicated to covering news and topics at the heart of the Franco-Ontarian community. ONFR+ strengthens the voice of the diverse francophone community in Ontario, exploring issues that unite Franco-Ontarians and deepens their connection as a community.

ONFR+ brings together journalistic expertise and a strong track record of delivering news that matter to the Franco-Ontarian community, says Gisele Quenneville, ONFR+ Producer. ONFR+ is powered by a team of Franco-Ontarians dedicated to serving the francophone community across the province by providing timely information, powerful opinion pieces and original stories on a diverse range of topics that affect Franco-Ontarians on the daily. We are delighted to be able to bring ONFR+ to Franco-Ontarians.­"

Gisèle Quenneville, ONFR+ producer

ONFR+ becomes the destination for news on political, social and cultural topics touching the Francophone community in Ontario, providing Franco-Ontarians with a place to see themselves and the topics they care about through three lenses:

News: articles highlighting the important issues of the Ontarian Francophonie and current events from Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill.

Community: stories that connect Francophones across Ontario through the depth and originality in topics and issues raised

Culture: a showcase of culture, music, literature, theatre, cinema, visual arts and artists from French Ontario.

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