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Education : our mission. Inclusion : our responsibility.

Published on 24 February 2021 by Communications TFO

It should come as no surprise that the digital world we’re currently living in has upended everything around us. This includes education and the professional world, which have undergone many changes that we have all had to quickly adapt to, especially during these COVID-19 times.

The explosion of distance learning comes with its share of benefits and challenges. One of these challenges is engagement, for ALL students. How do we hold everyone’s attention through a screen all at the same time but sometimes in different ways? How do we meet each student’s specific needs?

More than ever, the world of teaching and school, the place where we learn, discuss and grow, is adapting to support each and every student’s cognitive and personal development using an inclusive approach. In this unusual context, a single student’s learning needs can change from the classroom to the home, from one day to the next.

By recognizing and celebrating this plurality of learning needs and by respecting differences, it becomes possible to fully support growth for all students: deaf, deafened or hard of hearing, gifted, autistic, those with language disorders, and those with difficulties in oral and/or written communication, social skills, attention deficit, physical disability, etc. The solution could include transforming the physical and virtual learning environments.

To awaken the full potential of our young people, we are all searching for innovative, diversified and inclusive tools that will enable us to adapt our teaching approaches on a daily basis. To support our education partners, parents and learners, TFO is committed to creating more resources that promote acquisition of the essential skills our students need today for growth and social integration. How will we do this? By creating a collection of content, services and spaces for all French-speakers so they can be prepared for the world of tomorrow.

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