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"We are proud to launch this new project in Windsor, Ontario, a city where the first Francophone school of the province was born. A reflection of IDELLO, these new classes will be the incarnation of learning values in the 21st century, including mobility and interactivity. These classrooms will support new approaches, including the inverted classroom, which favour autonomy, and will place the student interests at the heart of their learning journey."

– Julie Caron, Digital Learning Officer, Groupe Média TFO

"The Providence Catholic School Board is engaged to provide high quality education. This new development is favourable to the development of essential skills to succeed in the twenty-first century and is well encompassed in the technological vision of the Providence Catholic School Board. E.J. Lajeunesse Catholic High School will stand out as the only school with such an installation in the province."

- Joseph Picard, Director General, Providence Catholic School Board

Near 2,500 contestants participated in the "Win a Creative Space" contest launched by IDELLO last fall among Ontario's and Québec's Francophone schools. After E.J Lajeunesse Catholic High School, the experience will be renewed during the next Back to School by radically changing a second classroom in Québec City, at Collège François-de-Laval.

At the heart of this IDELLO initiative is a collaboration between a group of artisans, the teachers and the students in order to reinvent their ideal classroom. This new learning environnement creates an original combination of education, technology and new design. By encouraging a practical, interactive and collaborative approach, IDELLO contributes to engaging learners and fosters the development of 21st century skills such as problem resolution, creativity, communication or even critical thinking.

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About Groupe Média TFO

Groupe Média TFO is an essential destination for audiences seeking innovative educational and cultural content in French, at the vanguard of digital learning. TFO serves two million students and 30,000 teachers in Ontario and in Canada, and hosts a French-language YouTube channel that is now number 1 in Canada. Groupe Média TFO has earned two YouTube Silver Play Buttons and over 325,467,604 millions views for its 21-channels network. Its content has earned various awards, from Austin to Amsterdam: Kidscreen Awards, Gémeaux Awards, Cassies, IBC Awards, SXSW Film Design Awards, and many more.


IDÉLLO is an evolving and dynamic digital environment, designed to respond and adapt to various learning styles. Whether you are a teacher, an early-childhood educator, a student or a parent, IDÉLLO provides the resources and features adapted to the wish to learn differently. IDÉLLO provides access to over 11,000 rich, current learning resources in French, as well as features and a workspace that foster exchanges between user communities that share common interests.

About E.J. Lajeunesse Catholic High School

The E.J. Lajeunesse Catholic High School, a French-language school administered by the Providence Catholic School Board, works with a clientele of over 500 students from 7th to 12th grade in the area of Windsor and Essex County. Its solid reputation, its high quality teaching, its warm atmosphere, its excellent structure, its international program, and its specialized arts and sports programs are some of E.J. Lajeunesse Catholic High School's main advantages.

About the Providence Catholic School Board

The Providence Catholic School Board includes over 10,000 students in its 30 schools: 23 elementary schools, 7 high schools and one continuous training facility for the communities of Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia-Lambton, London/Middlesex, Oxford-Woodstock, Grey-Bruce and Huron-Perth. Our large French-language Catholic school network allows each student to feel as though he or she is part of a big Francophone school community based on faith, and to enjoy a high quality education in a well-meaning, respectful and safe learning environment. The Providence CSB is first in the 72 school boards of Ontario with a diploma achievement rate of 97 %.


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