Coming soon, secure browsing for Canadian youth. Groupe Média TFO enters strategic agreement with Qwant Junior

Published on 27 March 2017 by TFO

Qwant Junior, developed in partnership with the French Ministry of Education, is a search engine specifically designed for children 6-12 years of age. It does not retain search history or track users and it filters out search results that can lead to inappropriate content such as pornography, violence or drugs. Video content that is accessible on the site is played directly on the site and Qwant Junior uses content detection systems to exclude content that is not suitable to children.

With Qwant, we provide users with a modern search engine that allows them to remain on top of their personal data and freely access information. Qwant Junior will additionally enable us to provide a safer experience for children and parents alike. We are very happy with this partnership, which will enhance the international visibility of Canadian Francophone content, such as Groupe Média TFO’s, bringing them to our users in France, Africa and beyond.”

Groupe Média TFO has put digital at the forefront of its agenda for the past five years, reinventing itself with bold digital projects to promote French education. Currently they operate the number one French YouTube channel in Canada and have developed LUV, the country’s one-of-a kind incubator for a whole new generation of digital educational productions designed to stimulate learners in Ontario, in Canada, and beyond. By integrating gaming sensibilities in the production of educational video content, TFO attracts a new generation of children who are born in the era of smart phones and tablets.

The decision to work with Qwant will enable Groupe Média TFO to extend its presence beyond Canada providing French digital and educational content to an international audience.

We constantly seek opportunities to deliver value added solutions for parents, teachers and students in Ontario and elsewhere,” said Glenn O’ Farrell, President and CEO of Groupe Média TFO. “Parents have long trusted Groupe Média TFO to provide French educational content that is dynamic, diverse, and appropriate for children. We know the importance of providing educative solutions in a safe and secure environment. Having Qwant Junior as a partner aligns with our core values and will enable us to continue to be a leader in the digital space while providing children and parents with a secure environment for their online searches.”

Qwant Junior will be available in Canada in the course of 2017.


About Groupe Média TFO

Groupe Média TFO is an essential destination for audiences seeking innovative educational and cultural content in French, at the vanguard of digital learning. TFO's channel is the number one French-language YouTube channel in Canada. Its content has been awarded multiple prizes, from Austin to Amsterdam (Kidscreen Awards, Gemini Awards, Cassies, IBC Awards, SXSW Film Design Awards, and many more). Proud of its public heritage, TFO celebrates the French fact in Ontario and beyond. For more information about Groupe Média TFO, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Qwant

Designed and developed in France, Qwant is the first European search engine with its own indexing technology, which protects the privacy of its users by refusing all tracking devices, including for advertising. Contrary to the main search engines on the market, Qwant does not install cookies on the user browser, does not want to know who the user is or what he/she does, and does not keep individual logs of user queries.

Qwant’s friendly interface allows users to find answers efficiently from the Web and social networks. It respects neutrality. Qwant considers all indexed websites and services with no discrimination, without altering the ranking of results according to its own interests.

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