An Emergency for the World of Education: Adapting to the Digital Revolution

Published on 28 November 2017 by TFO
Groupe Média TFO Shares Its Thought Process in White Paper 47% of tasks performed by the Canadian workforce could be automated by 2055 using currently existing technologies (McKinsey, 2017). Toronto, Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Groupe Média TFO announced the release of its White Paper to trigger a discussion on the need to develop French-language educational tools, to promote the teaching and acquisition of key competencies in an evolving society. "Given the major transformations that come with the 4th Industrial Revolution, as a public company, it was, in our opinion, time to reflect in order to align our efforts on sustainable solutions that are fully adapted to the needs brought on by this revolution. We hope our contribution will open new avenues for discussion." Glenn O’Farrell, President and Chief Executive Officer  "65% of children currently entering elementary school will be doing jobs that don't exist yet." World Economic Forum (2016) Whether by the development of robotization, automation, or artificial intelligence, technology has a deep impact on our lifestyles and the economy in general. "It appears evident in the 21st century that traditional lecture-style teaching does not itself help to develop new competencies and that the changes required in the school system are numerous." Ministry of Education of Ontario (2016) This document studies the effect of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the job market and the essential skills to develop in order to fully adapt to the changes. It also questions current educational practices. Does our current school system address the issues linked to technological innovations and a new knowledge-based economy? "There is a real emergency in developing global and technological competencies that will allow everyone to find their place in tomorrow's world."  The result is a set of measures to facilitate innovation in French and develop Francophone and Francophile leadership in Ontario to create citizens that are fully committed to tomorrow's society and that contribute to the knowledge-based economy:
  1. Prepare a new generation of highly qualified Canadian experts
  2. Support the Francophonie in global competencies training
  3. Illuminate the digital Francophone educational space
What do you think? The floor is yours: or Read here: An Emergency for the World of Education: Adapting to the Digital Revolution About Groupe Média TFO At the cutting edge of digital learning, Groupe Média TFO is an essential destination for children and audiences seeking educational and innovative content in French. TFO serves two million students and 30,000 teachers in Ontario and Canada. Groupe Média TFO has earned two YouTube Silver Play Buttons and over 450 million views for its 24-channels network. Its content has earned various awards, from Austin to Amsterdam: Kidscreen Awards, Gémeaux Awards, Cassies, IBC Awards, SXSW Film Design Awards, and many more.


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