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A Disappointing Decision for Francophones across Canada

Published on 13 November 2015
Despite the CRTC’s denial to make its channel available across all French-language minority communities, Groupe Média TFO renews its commitment to share and expand the reach of its educational content. Toronto, November 12th, 2015 – In spite of Groupe Média TFO’s application, which was in response to the needs expressed by citizens and organisations in minority communities, the CRTC has decided to deny the expansion of TFO’s reach through Canadian cable and satellite distributors. “This disappointing decision does not, in the least, diminish our conviction to distribute our educational French-language content to communities who requested it to the Commission,” said Groupe Média TFO’s President and chief executive officer, Glenn O’Farrell. Over 700 citizens and organisations supported Groupe Média TFO’s applications to extend the reach of its educational programming across the whole country. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted by IPSOS for TFO in 2015, 88% of Canadians living in provinces where access to TV shows in French is very limited were in favour of broadcasting a larger number of shows targeted to Francophones and Francophiles. Groupe Média TFO never intended to force cable and satellite distributors to carry the TFO channel on their basic service, but rather to offer more choice to subscribers, with no obligation to purchase. Had TFO’s application been approved, distributors would have been required to offer the TFO channel, leaving it to the consumers to decide whether to subscribe or not. Groupe Média TFO remains resolutely committed in pursuing its efforts to increase the reach of its educational, French-language content on regulated and unregulated platforms. This is a matter of public interest and key to the future of Canada’s Francophonie.   About Groupe Média TFO Groupe Média TFO is a premium destination for audiences seeking educational and cultural content in French. It offers stimulating experiences and award-winning content, always at the forefront of digital learning.  


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